ISCS title


Basilica of Sagrada FamiliaSjøfartsmonumentet, Norwegian Maritime monument, Bergen




  1. Promote the Illustrated Glossary on Stone Deterioration patterns/Glossaire illustré sur les formes d’altération de la pierre and other translated versions, recognising uses of the Glossary for technical training and education.
  2. Facilitate work on new translations of the Glossary and develop on-line interactive versions in several languages (including German, Czech, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Pharsi, Spanish).
  3. Develop the ISCS website to improve communication of the activities of ISCS such as providing PDF versions of the Glossary, newsletters and to promote key stone conservation conferences and links to technical publications.
  4. Plan and schedule annual meetings (2013, 2014) possibly to coincide with key international stone conferences to help increase participation of ISCS members and reduce travel expenses to members for attending meetings.
  5. Develop a joint initiative of ICOMOS international scientific committees in the field of conservation, dissemination and training (proposed topics include: stone and earthen architectural heritage, shelters for outside sculptures and documentation/ conservation of stone monuments).
  6. Explore the opportunity to build a collegiate collaborative (hybrid) with ICOM –cc stone committee.
  7. Explore opportunities to promote the understanding of traditional use and conservation of stones to the public and youth.
  8. Provide advisory services and support to the key initiatives of the ICOMOS World Heritage working group initiatives including expert members to multidisciplinary teams for ICOMOS missions or review of the state of conservation of World Heritage sites.
  9. Support and contribute to the scientific programme for the next ICOMOS General Assembly.