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Newsletter No. 5 August 2016

Editorial comment

It has taken a lot of time to edit this newsletter, more than 3 years! Between 2013 and 2015 four meetings of the committee have been held in Germany, South Korea, Italy and Scotland.  This newsletter briefly summarizes some of our activities over this three year period.

We hope you like the new format of the newsletter which, because it is web-based, allows links to be made to more detailed articles.

We plan to present the next newsletter in 2017.

Enjoy your reading!

The outgoing Bureau

23rd ISCS meeting in Edimbourg (May 2015): reminder of main points

The results of voting for the new Board were reported as follows: S. Simon for President, T. Ishizaki for Vice President and A. Bourgès for General Secretary.
The results have been approved by both international ICOMOS (Gaia Jungeblodt) and ICLAFI (Gideon Koren who was our scrutineer).

Discussion and agreement on the next Triennial Work Plan:
ISCS board will look for a better involvement from members of the committee; indeed, the board will ask, in preparation for the 24th meeting in Paisley, Scotland (September 2016), for some short slide presentations of ongoing projects of interest to members. It is intended to make these presentations available on the ISCS web site. Using this approach common areas of interest may emerge which could be a source of discussion and material on which to build, for instance, focused conferences. 
The ISCS web site remains a tool to facilitate communication. Active links can be added to the site, including announcements on conferences of interest for the group, as well as information on future stone congresses.

Focus on: the ISCS-ISCEAH-ISCARSAH Kongju congress (May 2014)

The ICOMOS-ISCS International Conference was held in Kongju National University, Gongju, Republic of Korea from May 20 to 23, 2014. This conference was organized by ICOMOS-ISCS and the Graduate School of Cultural Heritage, Kongju National University. The number of attendants was 200 in total.

Focus on: the new ISCS-website

In 2013 the Board of ISCS authorised the development of a new web site. For several years our activities have been posted on a web site kindly hosted on behalf of the ISCS by le Laboratoire de recherche des monuments historiques (LRMH), Champs-sur-Marne, France.  We owe a debt of gratitude to past-President Véronique Vergès-Belmin for provision of this facility.

NEWS!! Some of the proceedings of the International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone are now available on our website!!

ISCS proposes to scan the proceedings from past congresses; authorization for e- publication sought from the organizers of previous congresses.

News about our multilingual glossary

The glossary of stone deterioration is now available in 6 versions. Other translations are progressing as follows:

Final version
: Farsi

Translation completed
: Georgian, Arabic, Portuguese, Finnish

In progress
: Hindi, Tamil, Greek, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Thai, Italian, Hebrew, Swahili

Expressions of interest
: Hungarian, Latvian, Macedonian, Slovenian

Elements on the life of ISCS

ISCS Meetings in 2013-2015:

Four ISCS meetings were held from January 2013 until now. In order to facilitate the participation of committee members, these meetings are generally held in association with a relevant conference:

- 20th Meeting hosted by Prof. Dr. Stefan Simon at Rathgen Research Laboratory, Berlin, Germany, 12-13th December 2013

- 21st Meeting hosted by Prof. Mancheol Suh at Kongju University, Gongju, South Korea, 19th May 2014, In the framework of the ISCS International Conference (see afore-mentioned)

- 22nd Meeting In the framework of the 18th ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (10-14 November 2014, Florence, Italy) at Centro congressi Firenze fiera-villa Vittoria, 13th November 2014

- 23rd Meeting, 20th to the 21st of May 2015, hosted by the Building Stone Team of the British Geological Survey, and Andrew McMillan at Murchison House, Edinburgh, Scotland UK

These meetings are an opportunity to exchange experiences and to give information on recent advances in the field. Its members are invited to attend the annual meeting and to present lectures. Visiting tours related to stones issues are also organised such as in Florence where some ISCS members visited the world-famous Opificio delle Pietre Dure kindly hosted by Maria Cristina Improta. Later, we were taken on a "Stones of Florence"-Tour kindly hosted by Pr. Dr. Massimo Coli. We thank Maria and Massimo most sincerely for these opportunities.

New members:
ISCS regularly receive new applications. 23 candidacies have been considered in the 2013-2015 period. 11 came from Asia, 6 from Europe, 4 from America and 1 from Oceania. ISCS has been happy to welcome the following as:

- Expert members: K. G. Akoglu (Turkey), M. Bahamondez (Chile), S. Bais (India), C. Cornu (France), J. Huang (China), K. Huang (China), Y. Iwasaki (Japan), D. Mason (Australia), Evangelia Kardara (Greece), Ronald Lusis (Latvia), Satish Pandey (India) and Delphine Vandevoorde (Belgium)

- Associate members: J. Aching (Peru), R. Aguilar Velez (Peru), M. Assénat (France), S. Belishki (Bulgaria), M. H. Dehkordi (Iran), R. Hoshino (Japan), S. A. Jain (India), J. Kim (Republic of Korea), L.  Krage (Latvia), F. Li (China), M. Machnicki (USA), K. Peev (Bulgaria), JP. Tarachand (India), M. Theodoridou (Greece/Cyprus), Q. Yang (China)

Miscellaneous : focus on an action

Understanding of traditional use and conservations stones to the public and youth (German- Israeli project): Documentation of the Jewish Cemetery Bad Neustadt a. Saale (Germany)

For over Twenty years the Mikve Yisrael High School (Holon, Israel) and the Bad Neustadt Gymnasium (Bad Neustadt a. S., Germany) have had a joint high school student exchange program. In the most recent exchange, it was decided to add to the program an additional educational aspect of community documentation. The Focus of the project was to document the local Jewish cemetery, which was used between the years 1887-1940.


Miscellaneous : focus on a thesis

The role of clay minerals in the stone degradation: consequences in terms of durability and compatibility for the conservation of the "Pierre du Midi" stone

Jérémie Berthonneau

Original title: « Le rôle des minéraux argileux dans la dégradation de la pierre : application à la conservation de la "Pierre du Midi" en termes de durabilité et compatibilité des matériaux en œuvre »

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