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Jardins de Pierres.


Proceedings of meetings organized or co-organized by ICOMOS-ISCS

ICOMOS-ISCS, LRMH and the French section of International Institute of Conservation(SFIIC) organized the International meeting “Jardins de Pierre” Conservation of stones in Parks and Gardens and Cemeteries in 22-24 June 2011 at INP, Paris. ICOMOS-ISCS contributed to the preparation of the proceedings that have been published by SFIIC. The Proceedings of the "Jardin de Pierres" conference (2011) may be purchased from SFIIC, 29 rue de Paris F77420 Champs-sur-Marne.

The International Conference of Stone and Earthen Architectural Heritage, organized by ICOMOS-ISCS and Kongju National University, was held in May 2014 at Kongju National University in Gongju, Republic of Korea. Click here for the Conference Proceedings published by the Graduate School for Cultural Heritage, University of Kongju, Republic of Korea.